RNA Delivery Program

Our RNA delivery program has produced a variety of RNA-containing NDCs that have shown strong potential to overcome the challenges of RNA administration, which has been a major stumbling block for the advancement of this promising class of therapies.

Extensive preclinical testing of Cerulean’s NDCs platform has demonstrated that it may have the ability to unlock the potential of RNA therapy, which requires a suitable carrier into tumor tissue and cells, by potentially:

  • Protecting RNA payloads during administration
  • Preferentially delivering RNA payloads directly into tumor tissue
  • Providing sustained release of RNA payloads in a controlled manner
  • Achieving durable in vivo knockdown activity
  • Offering a favorable safety profile

We believe that the class-limiting RNA delivery problem will eventually be overcome, at which point patients will begin to benefit from the potential of RNA therapies. We also believe that we may have an important solution to the vexing delivery problem.