Cerulean is a platform-based, product-driven company that develops dynamically tumor-targeted NDCs. Our platform is designed to produce products which selectively destroy tumors while sparing healthy tissue. Our products utilize the large pores in the vasculature of tumors to enter tumors and, once inside the tumor, release drug over time.

A primary goal of dynamically tumor-targeted NDCs is to give patients hope for longer overall survival and better quality of life. We define winning the fight against cancer as achieving long term survival with high quality of life, and turning currently incurable cancers into manageable chronic diseases.

Our NDC platform creates patent-protectable new chemical entities (NCEs) by chemically conjugating active pharmaceutical ingredients inside nanoparticles. The platform is intended to:

  • Selectively deliver the therapeutic to tumors while sparing healthy tissue
  • Gradually release the therapeutic within the tumor over time
  • Overcome the delivery challenges that have plagued therapeutic peptides and stymied the advancement of RNA therapy

Learn more about Cerulean’s dynamically tumor-targeted NDCs.

Our pipeline includes:

  • CRLX101, which is in Phase 2 clinical development
  • CRLX301, which is expected to enter the clinic in late 2014
  • RNA delivery program, which could unlock the potential of nucleotide payloads

Learn more about Cerulean’s pipeline.